Outsourced Workers Compensation Provider in Dallas TX

Streamline your HR processes and give your business a boost today by partnering with a Dallas outsourced workers compensation provider. Cut costs, increase efficiency and give your employees better care by taking insurance and claim filing off of your plate and giving it to the professionals. 

Employer Flexible is a PEO with the experience and care to prepare your business for safe, sustainable growth. As a premier outsourced workers insurance provider in Dallas TX, we’ll help you manage risks and grow without fears or worries. With us taking care of the details, from hiring and payroll to insurance, you can get to work innovating and driving your business forward. 

The Adaptable Workers Compensation Agency in Dallas TX You Need 

We’re about adapting our services to the unique structure of your company and taking care of all HR processes. With our Dallas employee compensation insurance, your employees get optimum care with an insurance provider with an A+ rating. 

Our team of professionals will handle the claims process and follow-through from the initial injury through recovery. Your employees will be supported and back to work as soon as possible, and we keep costs low. 

As your Dallas outsourced workers compensation provider, you can count on us for a wide range of other HR services. We offer risk assessments, safety trainings, payroll administration, hiring and onboarding support, and more. All of our services come with competitive and transparent prices and a commitment to open and accessible communication. 

Choose Us for Dallas Employee Compensation Insurance 

Prepare your company for the future by contacting Employer Flexible and finding out more today. Streamline the HR side of your business, protect your business from destabilizing risks and give your employees the care they deserve.

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