When a sexual harassment allegation surfaced in 2017 with a Technology Firm, Employer Flexible took the lead in investigating and resolving the situation. As soon as allegations of this nature are reported from any client, strict measures are taken to ensure a fair investigation and a proper resolution.

Sexual harassment allegations in the workplace should be taken seriously and addressed immediately in order to help prevent further problems or elevated internal backlash. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure a process is in place for a fair investigation and an efficient resolution. Whether it be with an in-house HR representative, or via an outsourced PEO like Employer Flexible, taking action as soon as a report surfaces can help keep your employees protected and your business running smoothly.

In this Case Study, find out how an Employer Flexible HR Consultant was called to help a Technology Firm, when a sexual harassment allegation surfaced. Learn best practices as to how to address and resolve such a sensitive situation.

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