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Employer Flexible | Montana

PEO services built for Montana businesses.

All PEOs are not created equal: larger PEO firms are typically pretty rigid in terms of the services they can offer, while smaller companies often struggle to provide expertise in more than one or two areas of human resources.

Employer Flexible offers Montana SMBs the perfect combination of strength and responsiveness to better manage day-to-day HR services, so you can focus on more important matters: strategic business growth.


Right fit. Right size. Right PEO.

At Employer Flexible, we have tailored our service model to the unique needs of small and midsize businesses just like yours. We’re big enough to have the expertise, technology and buying power to secure the same products as larger firms, but not so big that we put ourselves ahead of our customers’ needs.

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Complete Human Resources Management

Reducing the burden of human resources is the number-one role of the PEO, but it’s only the first step. Employer Flexible helps you get the most out of your employees so you can build a roadmap for aligning your workforce with your business strategy and, ultimately, achieve your vision.


Stress-free HR Services built for your profitability.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
Very few PEOs offer the high level of technology to small and mid-sized companies that we do — and at such reasonable costs.
Employee Engagement
On average, engaged companies enjoy 3.9 times* the growth rate of companies whose employees feel actively disengaged at work. We specialize in designing engagement strategies to build a profitable business environment.
Human Resources Compliance
With HR compliance regulations — and related lawsuits — on the rise, small and mid-sized businesses can ill afford to place themselves in jeopardy of violating those laws. Employer Flexible provides expert guidance to help you reduce liability and increase compliance in every area.
Strategic Human Resources Planning
Let’s talk long-term: where do you want your organization to be five years from now? Ten years from now? Once we’ve gotten to know you and determined your pain points, we’ll develop a comprehensive HR Roadmap to help you become the company you want to be.

We know how to make this work.

Employer Flexible was founded on the idea that a PEO should do more than simply lessen the burden of HR. Over the years, we’ve worked with organizations of every size to increase business insight, remove doubt and align your workforce with your company vision. When you spend less energy on day-to-day, operational tasks, you can begin to make an impact on what really matters.

One of the main goals of the outsourcing relationship is to improve decision-making. Employer Flexible takes a multi-disciplined approach — combining industry experts in HR, payroll, benefits administration, risk management, healthcare, workforce planning and other areas — to provide you with a deeper level of business intelligence.

Our experienced staff is skilled at asking the right questions to learn everything we can about your business, and to compare them to your current operations to industry best practices. This insight will help you identify opportunities for change that will get you closer to achieving your company’s goals.

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